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          評分︰4.4 類型︰經典最新電影下載 發布時間︰2018-02-26


          ◎譯 名 神犬世界杯

          ◎片 名 Selecci n canina

          ◎年 代 2015

          ◎產 地 Mexico

          ◎類 別 動畫/運動

          ◎語 言 西班牙語

          ◎上映日期 2015-03-18

          ◎IMDb評分  4.4/10 from 30 users

          ◎IMDb鏈接  tt4633738/

          ◎豆瓣評分 0/10 from 1 users

          ◎片 長 90

          ◎導 演 Carlos Pimentel / Nathan Sifuentes

          ◎主 演 Luis Roberto Alves

          Pierre Angelo

          Ra l Araiza

          Alberto Garcia Aspe

          Enrique Berm dez

          Jorge Campos


          ◎簡 介


          Play as one; think as one; win as one. The road to glory is walked as a pack. When the Mexicanine Republic becomes the host for the World Canine Cup, the coach has one chance to put together the best team in history; but the new warriors will have to learn to put aside their differences and work as a team, to show their country that ultimate football glory is more than just a dream.